Rochdale AFC – Who owns the club?

Many fans have been wondering about the structure of Rochdale AFC. This is a breakdown of the club’s formal ownership.

RAFC Ltd has 343 shareholders. Many hold from a handful to a few hundred shares – too many to list below. Most shares were bought at a price of between £1 and £2 each. The minimum price for a share is 50p. Sometimes, in return for professional services on behalf of the club, directors have received shares in lieu of payment. Many fans assume directors have put £100,000s, if not millions, into football clubs. This is often not the case, as this list reveals:

110,000, Andrew Kilpatrick (former chairman, still director, shares inherited from father, ex-Dale director, Brian Kilpatrick)

58,250, Andrew Kelly (current acting chairman)

37,342, Gergedan LLC  (Dan Altman, Emre Marcelli)

37,343, North Yard Analytics LLC (Dan Altman, Emre Marcelli)

35,000, Jim Marsh (deceased)

32,072, Graham Morris (former director)

22,397, David Kilpatrick (former director)

14,387, Rod Brierley (former director, living in Lake District)

14,250, Graham Rawlinson (current director)

13,100, David Bottomley (current director and CEO)

12,625, Dale Trust

12,500, Tony Pockney (current director)

6,360, John Faulkes (ex-director, deceased)

5,200, Andrew Hilton (son of former director)

5,000, Christopher Cheetham

5,000, Robin Matheson

5,000, Colin Parton (supporter)

4,760, Neil Butterworth (son of former director, Trevor Butterworth)

3,000, Peter Sydall (supporter)

3,000, Pamela Mace (wife of former director and club doctor, Michael Mace)

2,253, Fiona McCarthy

2,253, Susan Walkden (daughter of former director, David Walkden)

2,513, Diane Bellenger

2,513, Hilary Fitton

2,512, Jennifer Fitton

2,500, James Fagan (former director)

1,010, Brian Clough (supporter)

If anyone can provide more information about people in this list or highlight any errors, please get in touch.

Rochdale AFC, inside the boardroom

Rochdale AFC has a small number of directors, just four, with one non-executive director. (NB: non-executive directors attend board meetings and can vote on major decisions, but are not usually involved in the day-to-day running of a business).

 The directors are:

Andrew Joseph Kelly, acting chairman, age 77, joined board: 14 June 2019 after previous spell (2006-2017).

A well-known local estate agent and former schoolboy affiliate of the club’s playing staff.

David Roger Bottomley, age 60, joined board: 29 June 2015.

Formerly of the toy industry when based in Henley-on-Thames. Also the club’s CEO.

Anthony John Pockney, age 56, joined, January 2019.

‘A versatile, highly effective, hands-on Business and IT Executive, Programme Director and Consulting Practitioner. Operates at Board level as a successful leader of large scale business transformations…’ from LinkedIn. Keen runner. Enthusiastic  Round Tabler.

Graham Frank Rawlinson, age 66, joined August 2014 (previous spell, 2006 – 2010)

Works in the licensed trade.

Nicholas James Grindrod, non-executive director, age 38, Joined board: 9 April, 2020.

Owner of accountancy practice in Wardle. Said to have ‘An excellent relationship with Tony Pockney, who is the main Board Director for all things finance.’ His company, NJ Grindrod & Co, says on its website: ‘Official accountants of Rochdale Association Football Club’ and features the club crest.

Recent resignations:

Andrew Simon Ashton Kilpatrick, former chairman, age 60, 7 Dec 2018 to 18 Feb 2021.

John Andrew Smallwood, age not listed, director/secretary 15 June 2019 to 28 Feb 2021.

* All information readily available from several public sources including Companies House, Facebook, LinkedIn and Rochdale AFC official website.