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Three wise men who aim to give Rochdale AFC back to the fans

For a good while, Rochdale AFC appeared, from the outside at least, to be as vulnerable as that poor goat tethered to the T-Rex paddock in Jurassic Park. And, much like Dr Alan Grant and his car full of dino-bait, us supporters had looked on feeling somewhat helpless, waiting for some external force to perhaps…More

Major decisions made at Rochdale AFC shareholder meet

The Rochdale AFC board of directors has withdrawn the four resolutions proposed for releasing new shares in the club and has agreed to instead explore alternative ways of generating new investment. The decision was made at tonight’s host of Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings. Rochdale AFC shareholders also voted to remove club chief executive David…More

The sun sets on seven-year relationship with League One

In AD 64, the great city of Rome burned while the Emperor Nero sat in his quarters and played the fiddle. Okay, so historians have since pointed out that the fiddle would not be invented for another millennium and Nero was actually out of town that night, but, while the legend may not have stood…More