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The sun sets on seven-year relationship with League One

In AD 64, the great city of Rome burned while the Emperor Nero sat in his quarters and played the fiddle. Okay, so historians have since pointed out that the fiddle would not be invented for another millennium and Nero was actually out of town that night, but, while the legend may not have stood…More

Chris Dunphy set for Rochdale AFC return?

Former Rochdale AFC chairman Chris Dunphy has unveiled plans to make a sensational return to the role in a bid to “save this great club”. Dunphy stepped down as chairman in 2018, and left the board altogether, leaving majority shareholder Andrew Kilpatrick to fill the position. Kilpatrick announced his own decision to abdicate the role…More

Dale announce manager contract extension at worrying fans’ forum

We’re used to a botched set-piece at Rochdale, but the one that led to the clumsy non-announcement that first-team manager Brian Barry-Murphy (BBM) had had his contract extended by a year will take some topping. The manager’s contract was due to expire at the end of this season and a large section of the fan…More