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A bolt from the blues

There was a strange feeling of shock when it was announced that Rochdale AFC manager Brian Barry-Murphy had left the post last night. The shock being that, while such a thing may have been expected months ago due to the team’s form, the vast majority of supporters and the newly formed board of directors were…More

The fans who shaped a revolution

The Crescent pub in Salford is world-famous for being the venue where philosophers Karl Marx and Frederich Engels met to shape their Communist Manifesto ahead of it being published in 1848. The upstairs room in Rochdale’s Cemetery Hotel may well one day become equally renowned within the borough it resides after it was used to…More

Three wise men who aim to give Rochdale AFC back to the fans

For a good while, Rochdale AFC appeared, from the outside at least, to be as vulnerable as that poor goat tethered to the T-Rex paddock in Jurassic Park. And, much like Dr Alan Grant and his car full of dino-bait, us supporters had looked on feeling somewhat helpless, waiting for some external force to perhaps…More